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The State of Mobile Internet Connectivity Report 2020

The State of Mobile Internet Connectivity report is the annual flagship publication of the Connected Society programme. This report is in its third year and provides the mobile industry and other stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of the trends in global connectivity to inform progress towards closing the coverage and usage gaps and the key challenges. By GSMA

AidData Replication Datasets

AidData has assembled a collection of replication datasets associated with scholarly research on aid allocation and aid effectiveness. Whenever possible, there is a link to the computer code that is necessary to replicate the results reported in a particular publication.

Identication for Development

To enable all people to exercise their rights and access services, ID4D helps countries realize the transformational potential of inclusive, robust, and responsible digital identification systems.

ICT 4 Jobs

If you're doing work in technology and development, submit an opportunity or ask how we can help connect you with top candidates.


Nafundi's mission is to create technologies that improve the lives of the underserved. Our current focus is designing, building, deploying, and supporting mobile data collection systems that work well in challenging environments (e.g., offline villages in rural Kenya, humid rain forests in Brazil, and even the International Space Station). Nafundi's CEO, Yaw Anokwa, co-founded the Open Data Kit (ODK) project. ODK replaces paper forms with smartphones and tablets and the platform has been used by thousands of organizations like the Gates Foundation, USAID, World Health Organization, and the Jane Goodall Institute to collect billions of data points. Nafundi's principals, Yaw Anokwa and Hélène Martin, are lead maintainers on Open Data Kit. They manage a team of developers, implementers, and trainers who work across countries and sectors to design, build, deploy and support data collection tools for a wide variety of clients.

Listening to Leaders survey

Fielded every two to three years, Listening to Leaders survey captures perceptions and experiences from policymakers in 140 low- and middle income countries over time on a series of topics such as development priorities, donor performance and data uptake. It provides comparative view across stakeholder groups, sectors and geographic regions. AidData has fielded two waves in 2014 and 2017, and the resulting flagship reports have been featured in NPR’s Goats & Soda Blog, The Washington, Post, The BBC, and The Financial Times.

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