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The Future Society

Advancing the responsible adoption of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies for the benefit of humanity. We build understanding of what AI is and its impacts. We do research to better inform everyone and to help decision-makers do the right thing. Our research gives actionable ideas for enjoying the benefits of AI and avoiding its risks. We build bridges between people caring about AI and how it changes our lives. We bring different groups of people together, online and offline, to share ideas and opinions and to work together towards common goals. We build innovative solutions to help communities and people all over the world enjoy the benefits of AI and avoid its risks. We bring together ideas and people to create tools that we can all use to make sure AI benefits everyone.

Day One Project

The Day One Project is launching its Technology Policy Accelerator to identify, develop, and publish a set of technology policy ideas that could be implemented by Congress or the Biden-Harris Administration.  The accelerator is a nine-week process, designed to guide each participant as they develop an initial idea into a tailored, actionable set of policy recommendations. Selected participants will have a chance to develop their ideas with guidance from policy advisors, meet with veteran policymakers to learn more about the nuances of policy implementation, hone their ability to craft actionable policy on the federal level, and build a community with their fellow cohort. 


We fight for a safer and more trustworthy internet by teaching tech law & policy to everyone who wants to shape it.

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is a growing global coalition of 165 international, regional, and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in 65 countries that is working to preemptively ban fully autonomous weapons.

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

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