The Tech - (1973)

A product directory of hundreds of civic tech products and services, organized by their functions in democracies.


EveryBlock has partnered with Nextdoor to give EveryBlock members a better neighborhood experience.

Media Matters for America

Media Matters for America is the nation's premier progressive media watchdog.


Observatoire citoyen de l'activité parlementaire à l'Assemblée nationale


Empowering changemakers to build a career they love.

Argentina's Estándares de Servicios Digitales

Formas de trabajar de la Dirección Nacional de Servicios Digitales de la República Argentina.

World e-parliament report

This latest edition of the World e-Parliament Report follows up on previous findings and identifies major steps forward in how parliaments are using information and communication technologies (ICT) to engage with citizens.

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