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Virtual Reality applied to increasing comprehension of public policies, driving empathy, understanding the effects of climate change, etc.

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We take planning proposals out of city hall and onto their urban context, seamlessly communicating projects with a large, diverse audience to win community support while crowdsourcing stakeholders' feedback.


The SAFElab is a research initiative focused on examining the ways in which youth of color navigate violence on and offline.

RYOT news

This humanitarian aid worker attracted the famous mentor and launched a virtual reality film business acquired by Verizon AOL.

US Federal Virtual/Augmented Reality program

The Federal VR and AR Program is a collaborative hub for the research and refinement of VR and AR business cases and pilot programs across government.

Journalism 360

Washington, D.C. – Eleven projects that seek to help develop and expand best practices in immersive storytelling, including narratives, ethics and production, will receive a share of $285,000 as winners ... Read More

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