The Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation was founded in 2014 to provide training and experiential opportunities for students, faculty, and global leaders to enact solution-based social change.

The Beeck Center is an experiential hub at Georgetown University that mobilizes talent to drive social impact at scale. We incubate and spread cutting edge ideas. We create unique networks of government, private and social sector leaders who come together through unconventional convenings to solve complex problems. And we equip and train students, practitioners, and executives with the mindset and tools necessary to take action.

We focus on scale. Moving from innovation to scale requires a systematic approach to delivering exponential, not marginal, outcomes. Our approach leverages the tools of data, technology, policy, and finance, and embeds collaboration, transparency and inclusion to improve people's lives.

As part of Georgetown, we are committed to the common good. We believe that the global economy and the systems that underpin it should work for everyone. That the most groundbreaking ideas and technology should be directed to improving the lives of everyone, not just delivering financial returns for a few. And that government and the social and private sectors should work together to restore trust between institutions and the people they serve.

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Project(s): Intergovernmental Software Collaborative (formerly State Software Collaborative) The United States of Technologists
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