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HOT is an international team dedicated to humanitarian action and community development through open mapping.

Since 2010 organized humanitarian mapping has evolved as a constant and growing element of the global OpenStreetMap (OSM) community. We analyse the history of humanitarian mapping using OpenStreetMap History and OSM Tasking Manager ( data. We conduct a comprehensive quantitative analysis on a global scale and long term perspective to depict more than just snapshots of individual events. Results show that in regard to edits, users, projects, geographic diversity, almost all of these have experienced linear growth. But regarding user commitment and validation efforts we conclude that the humanitarian mapping community still faces huge challenges to achieve sustainability.


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Status: Active
Founded: 2009
Project(s): Open Mapping Hub - Eastern and Southern Africa
Last Modified: 2022-06-24 00:00:00

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128.6M Buildings Mapped, 2.7M Mapped Roads (Km), 167.2M Total Map Edits, 393.3K Total Mappers (Source, 2022-05 )

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