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Identication for Development

To enable all people to exercise their rights and access services, ID4D helps countries realize the transformational potential of inclusive, robust, and responsible digital identification systems.

Find below the latest answers from elected officials who have agreed to be publicly questioned by their fellow citizens.

Atlas AI

Our software measures economic and infrastructure conditions across Africa, informing how capital can be deployed to drive forward economic progress.

The State of Satellites

This is an exploratory overview of current and upcoming sources of data, processing pipelines, and data products. It is aimed at helping non-experts explore and harness the unfolding revolution of Earth observation, with an emphasis on understanding current capabilities and project development considerations.

The Perfect Candidate

Driven by data, not bias, I’ll help you discover how aligned our leaders are with the issues that matter most to you and start a more courageous conversation about Australia’s future.

Civic Hive

To raise a new set of civic tech leaders that transform governance

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