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To preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world


Contigo, construimos el cambio político en nuestro país. Sí se puede. ¡Podemos!


Civicbudget is an open source participative platform enabling any organization, public or private, to launch a consultation process.


Tella is a secure documentation app for Android, making it easier and safer to produce verifiable evidence and collect data in challenging environments


Vizalytics creates custom contextual insights from open and private data for enterprise, government, and institutional clients. Our Knowledge Graph senses context for users based on their unique circumstances, draws targeted conclusions from disparate data sets, notifies users, and suggests how to react. The Knowledge Graph enables our customers and their users to go about their business, driven by data but free from the need to find and manage it.

From Voicemails to Votes

A human-centered investigation by The OpenGov Foundation into the systems, tools, constraints, and people who drive constituent engagement in Congress.

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