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Systems that document, distribute, and otherwise make legible the legislative process.

GovLab Crowdlaw Catalog

The CrowdLaw Catalog is a growing repository of 100 CrowdLaw cases from around the world.


Observatoire citoyen de l'activité parlementaire à l'Assemblée nationale

The full compilation of enacted US law wasn't available as a complete and accessible digital collection...until now. searches for your favorite law and returns citations to it, sometimes even in non-PDF technical formats! Another Daniel Schuman joint (together with GovTrack and Joe Carmel).


DemocracyOS is an online space for deliberation and voting on political proposals. The software aims to stimulate better arguments and come to better rulings.

Zakonodajni Monitor

The Legislative Monitor is a user-friendly interactive tool that provides a unique insight into the adoption of legislation in Slovenia and a review of the activities of Members of the National Assembly.

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