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There's a rich ecosystem of related and overlapping fields with civic tech, including those that predate civic tech. People define the field with broader or more narrow scopes in mind, so here we track related work areas.

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Legal Smart Channel

Legal Smart Channel is a web application that helps the public understand legal issues online, by offering free access to legal consultancy services.

The Internet of Ownership

The Internet of Ownership is a resource for the emerging online democratic economy.

Queensland Law Handbook

Queensland Law Handbook is a comprehensive and accessible resource designed to help Queensland residents withtheir legal problems.


Haqdarshak enables citizens to access government welfare schemes for which they are eligible. They provide onlineand offline support with documentation and applications.

MobLab Dispatch

The MobLab Dispatch is a round-up of the most thought-provoking stories, resources, opportunities and discussions about changemaking in today’s networked world.


yAvo is a free legal advice service where users can post legal or law related queries on the platform, which are thenanswered by lawyers and legal professionals registered on the site.

The Nigerian Lawblog

The Nigerian Law blog publishes blogposts to educate users on legal issues. It also engages users through social media by publishing information about laws and citizens’ rights.

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