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There's a rich ecosystem of related and overlapping fields with civic tech, including those that predate civic tech. People define the field with broader or more narrow scopes in mind, so here we track related work areas.

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DilSeWill is an online platform where users can create a will, and have it mailed to them after completion

Civil Resolution Tribunal

The Civil Resolution is an application for online dispute resolution. It helps resolve small claims and strata property disputes.

One Concern

Our platform provides unprecedented situational awareness and actionable insights for decision-makers.

Project Drawdown

Each solution reduces greenhouse gases by avoiding emissions and/or by sequestering carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere.

Demander Justice

Demander Justice is a dispute resolution tool that helps people to settle disputes that can be brought to courtwithout a lawyer.

SMS for Justice

SMS for Justice is a project by Nazdeek that combines legal training, mobile technology and community monitoringto build a Dalit women-led network of paralegals, trained to demand accountability for the delivery of basic services.

Helpself Legal

Helpself Legal is an online document automation system. Users can use the guided workflows to find legal assistance.


Penda is a mobile application for women who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence or abuse. Theapp provides legal information and referrals.

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