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Protect the Vote

Protect the Vote is a national coalition of nonpartisan organizations focused on making sure everyone can vote. They have great volunteer opportunities across the country.

The Boston Globe's Biden endorsement

In this historic election, in addition to a traditional editorial that argues that the former vice president can restore the integrity of the presidency and set the country on a better path, the Globe editorial board make 12 cases for 12 different kinds of voters.

Princeton Corpus of Political Emails

This corpus contains emails from candidates running for state and federal office, political parties, and other political organizations like PACs. As of Sun Oct 18 23:52:25 EDT 2020, the corpus contains 286,576 emails from 3,071 senders.

Power the Polls

Power the Polls makes it really easy to sign up to become a poll worker and ensure that there are enough people to staff voting locations across the country.


Expose voter suppression and election interference as you witness it to a live map with SeeSay2020.

2020 Election Marketing Report

97th Floor pulled thousands of digital ads, reviewed millions of dollars in ad spend, poured over scores of landing pages, read hundreds of emails, and spent entire days looking at websites, mobile apps, and social media accounts — they even donated $100 to both campaigns to see emails and ad retargeting strategies first-hand.

2020 Political Atlas

Our goal is to provide multiple independent data sources allowing everyone to reach their own conclusions on what will happen in the 2020 elections.


BallotReady is an online voter guide to local elections. We make it easy to vote informed on every candidate all across America.

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