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Empathy Helps Counter Hate Speech

A team of researchers led by Dominik Hangartner, IPL co-director and professor of public policy at ETH Zurich, has joined forces with colleagues at the University of Zurich to investigate what kind of messages could lead authors of hate speech to refrain from such postings in the future

Misinformation exposure

Misinformation exposure scores measure how much the politicians and public organizations you follow tend to lie (based on fact-checking their claims by PolitiFact).




Uli lets you take control over your Twitter timeline by redacting slurs, allowing you to archive problematic tweets and coordinating actions with your friends.

Tuits borrados

A Politwoops instance for Argentina. En esta página hay un listado de los mensajes que eliminan los políticos argentinos en Twitter.

Debunk Bot (@DebunkBotAfrica)

A bot that debunks claims shared on social media by sharing a fact check.

Twitter Trails

a tool that allows members of the media to track the trustworthiness of stories shared on Twitter.

Bot Sentinel

In 2018 we launched Bot Sentinel to help fight disinformation and targeted harassment. We believe Twitter users should be able to engage in healthy online discourse without inauthentic accounts, toxic trolls, foreign countries, and organized groups manipulating the conversation.


This project uses advanced machine learning techniques to detect propaganda accounts on Twitter.


BotSlayer is an application that helps track and detect potential manipulation of information spreading on Twitter.

DEMOS Engendering Hate Report: The counters of state-aligned gendered disinformation online

A report analyzing online spaces being weaponized to exclude women leaders and undermine the role of women in public life. It investigates gendered disinformation on Poland and the Philippines through Twitter data analyses.

Social Media Analysis Toolkit (SMAT)

The conversations that trend on internet platforms shape our world in consequential ways, from who we vote for, to what news we read, to how we respond to a pandemic.

Polly Bots

Our research suggests that stepping outside your echo chamber can make you more polarized not less. One of the reasons why this happens is that we become captivated by extremists on the other side who overshadow more moderate voices. The bots below retweet messages 12 by moderates each day who our research indicates resonates with members of the other party. We also screen out messages that score high on toxicity/incivility.

Bipartisan Issue Tracker

Where is there room for common ground on Twitter? This tool tracks hashtags that are used by both Democrats and Republicans on Twitter and also describes the similarity in the tone of tweets across parties.


What do your tweets make other people think about your political views? If you are an American Twitter user, log-in to our app below to see how how our model scores your tweets on a continuum from "very liberal" to "very conservative."

LegBranchProcurementBot Twitter bot

A Twitter bot to tweet out procurements on SAM.gov occurring for the legislative branch

Electome using Twitter firehose

What’s the connection between a campaign issue and a vegetable? ProPublica President Richard Tofel reminded us this month. “For too many voters, as every editor in her or his darkest heart knows…

Twitter Vote Report

Twitter Vote Report (TVR) was an all-volunteer nonpartisan online project designed to encourage voters in the 2008 U.S. presidential election to submit brief accounts of their voting experiences using mobile and online tools.

Twitter's Academic Data Grants

Twitter's Academic Data Grants

Twitter HQ, Market Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

Twitter Data Grants, through which we’ll give a handful of research institutions access to our public and historical data.

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