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Bringing the town hall to your citizens

CitizenLab helps local governments reach out to more citizens, set up and manage efficient participation processes, and drive better real-time policy decisions.

A significant case study is the use of the platform in Liège. More than 14% of the city's 200,000 inhabitants used the platform by submitting over one thousand ideas and over three thousand comments. The city made an impressive effort in communicating the platform through social media campaigns, dedicated email newsletters and personal presentations by the mayor to neighbourhood committees. Eventually, 8 ideas were selected and 95,000 votes were cast!


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Organization Type: For-profit business, social enterprise, or B Corp
Status: Active
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Founded: 2015
Open Source: Partial - AGPL license for core functionality, and full source available for viewing
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Features: Forums and/or threaded conversations
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Currently used by more than 75 public authorities in seven European countries and Canada (Source, 2018-12 )


  • Aline Muylaert
  • Koen Gremmelprez
  • Wietse Van Ransbeeck
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