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Clear Ballot
Boston, MA

Clear Ballot is re-imagining elections with the world's most innovative and transparent voting system.

ClearDesign has a browser-based user interface that's easy to use. Election department staff can quickly generate, modify, and proof all their ballot styles for a wide range of card sizes and review and modify each ballot individually using drag & drop capabilities.

ClearAccess is an in-person ballot marking system designed to ensure access for all voters. Operating on unmodified off-the-shelf touchscreen computers, ClearAccess software captures voters' choices and prints machine-readable ballots.

The first precinct count optical scan voting system built with modern software tools. ClearCast is built for usability and performance in a small footprint allowing for inexpensive and simple transportation and storage.

ClearCount is the nation's first browser-based central count tabulation system. Integrated with Fujitsu and ibml commercial scanners, ClearCount can tabulate ballots created by all major voting systems. Its high-speed scanning capabilities and easy to learn visual software, makes it an economical solution for all counties.

ClearAudit is the first independent, automated audit solution and the only system capable of tabulating other voting systems' ballots. Beyond auditing, ClearAudit also ensures ballot reconciliation, provides a ballot inventory tool and improves canvassing and transparency for jurisdictions.

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Status: Active
Founded: 2009
Last Modified: 10/29/2023
Added on: 6/22/2021

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