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Climate Democracy Action (CDA) is a practice-oriented training and support program that prepares advocates and policymakers to use participatory strategies to drive local governments’ response to the climate crisis.

It focuses on design approaches that emphasize equity and inclusion, thus addressing environmental disparities and inequalities and shifting power and resources to where they are needed most. The program is a collaboration between People Powered, World Resources Institute, and FIMA, with funding support from Porticus.

Over the course of six months, participants will receive action-oriented training; be assigned a dedicated, expert mentor; and participate in peer-learning opportunities as they develop an action plan to launch a climate-focused participatory program. They will be given first access to the new, interactive Participation Playbook, to walk them through the planning process step by step.

Status: Active
Parent Organization: People Powered
Last Modified: 2022-10-18 00:00:00

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