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A way for the public to gain the very basic (and essential) knowledge about their elected representatives.

Mapolitic is designed to give the public (but especially the younger generation), the easiest and safest way that is technologically possible to gain the most basic and essential knowledge about their elected representatives (at all "layers of government" under which they live).

It allows the public to press just one button. Mapolitic will sense where they are and their representatives will appear on screen.

The elected representatives, themselves, can post information onto Mapolitic in the form of videos, photographs, messages and links to other websites. Mapolitic, therefore, allows young people to begin to take an interest in local politics without being exposed to the abuse, misinformation, extremism, advertising, data-harvesting, pornography and criminal activity that occurs elsewhere online.

I hope that, by making politics as "simple" as possible, Mapolitic will encourage more young people to begin to take a healthy and productive interest in local politics and even inspire them to stand for election when they feel ready.

Approximately 1,000 politicians (mostly local councillors) have begun posting information onto Mapolitic but there are several thousand of them in the UK so Mapolitic has a long way to go if it's to have the impact that I hope it will have.

I am looking for anyone who

  1. Shares my vision who can help me build the Mapolitic "brand"
  2. Can encourage more politicians to use it as a way of communicating directly with their constituents
  3. Can help me get it onto the devices of every young person in the country
  4. Can help me make it available across the democratic world

Only one in five of my neighbours voted in this month's election. As far as I can tell, none of them were under forty.

Mapolitic is available on iOS and Android

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