Graphic representing Political Leadership Entrepreneur Network (PLEN)

Political Leadership Entrepreneur Network (PLEN)

The movement building better leaders for better democracies

The Political Leadership Entrepreneur Network (PLEN) is a global multi-partisan community of organizations innovating political leadership. It combines the knowledge and collective power of 80+ organizations with the shared mission to make politics more representative and worthy of the public’s trust. ​

The PLEN is a supportive and practical space for political leadership entrepreneurs that exists to build the recognition, collective impact and strength of the political leadership innovation field.

This field is new. The work is hard. We will only build this together. The PLEN is growing rapidly. You can join now.

Organization Type: Non-profit, charity, or foundation
Status: Active
Parent Organization: Apolitical Foundation
Last Modified: 5/14/2024
Added on: 5/13/2024

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