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Worcester, MA

What if Tech said

From mass data leaks to government spying to biased facial recognition, we know that technology has been used to commit some of the worst atrocities in history. Tech workers know this truth and are the first line of defense that we have against unethical use of technology.

That's why we're launching a the Speak Out Tech whistleblower campaign.

In 2018, the world saw hundreds of tech workers expose corruption and abuses of power in some of the biggest Silicon Valley companies. When companies were accepting government surveillance contracts and providing the technical foundation for the violation of human rights, tech employees were not letting them get away with it. Employees speaking out have led to urgent and important national debates about privacy & race, immigration, and government contracts.

Because of these employees, we were all able to be educated, be organized & take action on issues of inhumane technology uses at companies such as Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Amazon.

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Founded: 2019
Last Modified: 2/20/2023
Added on: 6/22/2021

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