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Tech Diplomacy Academy

Online education platform: "Learn new ways of working at the intersection of innovation, business, and geopolitics, and discover the role you or your organization can play in a future where technology advances freedom."

Flexible Learning Pathways Dive into our concise, powerful courses designed to fit your schedule. With each course requiring about 1 hour, advance your skills and knowledge at your own pace, whenever, wherever, on any device.

Multidisciplinary Insights Benefit from a curriculum enriched with viewpoints from across sectors. Our courses bridge the gap between industries, offering you a holistic understanding of tech diplomacy’s vast landscape.

Practical Implementation Move from understanding to action with courses that don’t just teach but guide. Each lesson equips you with a clear playbook on implementing tech diplomacy practices effectively in your field.

Esteemed Instructors Be mentored by the best. Our courses are led by renowned figures from academia, industry, and diplomacy, ensuring you receive unparalleled insights and guidance on your journey to mastery.

Organization Type: Non-profit, charity, or foundation
Status: Active
Founded: 2024
Open Source: No
Last Modified: 5/10/2024
Added on: 5/10/2024

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