Open source, offline-compatible geostorytelling application

Terrastories is a geostorytelling application built to enable local communities to locate and map their own oral storytelling traditions about places of significant meaning or value to them.

Community members can add places and stories through a user-friendly interface, and make decisions about setting certain stories as private or restricted.

Powered by the Mapbox platform, Terrastories is designed to be entirely offline-compatible, so that remote communities can access the application entirely without needing internet connectivity.

Terrastories: Matawai Konde 1.0 (October 2018)

Terrastories: Matawai Konde 1.0 (October 2018)

The design of Terrastories is being stewarded by the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT). With the support of ACT, Terrastories will be used by the Matawai Maroons in Suriname, the Wauja in Brazil, and the Kogui in Colombia to map oral histories about their sacred and ancestral sites, former settlements, and other places of significance.

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