Tidepools is a re-skinnable collaborative mobile mapping platform for gathering and sharing hyperlocal information and culture through expressive, community maps and data feeds, enabling greater connectivity and communication among neighbors and local organizations.

Tidepools bridges the digital and physical space of a neighborhood, storing its data on local servers and broadcasted over WiFi so it can run even without reliance on an Internet connection. It integrates location-specific civic data in situ, including real time transit notifications and community safety issues. Community members can share events, user-created map layers and landmarks, and other local temporal information, creating a historical geospatial community database. Check out variations of Tidepools IN THE WILD above, to see how Tidepools has been used in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Hurricane Sandy, Gezi Park Protests in Turkey, or for the Allied Media Conference in Detroit.

Status: Inactive
Parent Organization: Open Technology Institute
Last Modified: 10/7/2022
Added on: 10/27/2021

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