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Vote Smart (#VoteSmart) – political matchmaking system
The VoteMatrix Ballot module will provide you with the information you need to vote intelligently every election without tedious research. This app uses information you provide in your Principle Matrix and Trust Matrix to generate personalized approval ratings for each candidate and measure on your ballot.

Bias Block – unbiased and vetted
Automatic checks and balances will ensure that your Trusted Analysts will not taint ballot recommendations when their principles conflict with yours. Analysts will not know your principles. Their job is simply to map measures and candidate actions to universal principles. Ballot recommendations will therefore not rely upon the analyst's principles. Analysts' accuracy will also be tracked in the system and their performance rating will be visible in the Trust Matrix app. Finally, the algorithm used to determine approval ratings will be transparent and configurable per user.

Trusted Analysis – crack team of investigators
Analysis will be provided by the people and organizations you choose to trust within your Trust Matrix. If you prefer to do your own research, you will have the option to share your work with friends, family, or others by becoming their Trusted Analyst. Similarly, if you represent a union, public figure, or organization, you can cover topics relevant to your associates. In either case, only those who trust you will benefit from your analysis.

Constituency Representation​ (#RepresentUs) – making your voice heard
​Once elected, your representatives' votes and other actions will be monitored and tracked. The VoteMatrix Gov module will allow you to see how they are performing for you at any time. VoteMatrix will use this data to provide better recommendations in the next election and real-time performance metrics. Actions against your principles will lower that candidates personalized approval rating on your VoteMatrix Ballot and in the VoteMatrix Gov module.
Your representatives will have access to their own views in the VoteMatrix Gov app providing real-time polling of their constituents. Unlike typical polls, your principles will always be represented in the totals. A performance meter will help you determine a candidate's trustworthiness and remind the representative to do right by their constituents.

Third+ Party Relevancy (#MoreThan2)​ – hiring the best candidate for the job
Third party candidates will be represented equally with the main party candidates in all of the VoteMatrix apps. The VoteMatrix Ballot module will take into account the real-time principle analysis provided by the Principle Matrix allowing you to see if a third party candidate stands a chance of winning. VoteMatrix Gov will include real-time surveys of all candidates based on their principles and experience using your trusted analysts. The VoteMatrix Ballot will automatically calculate your support for a third party candidate. Everyone using the app will see the total support for each candidate in the real-time survey. You will be able to assign votes to your VoteMatrix Ballot before election day to further your support for a measure or candidate and VoteMatrix Gov will use those selections to provide instantaneous predictions to the public.

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