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Disinformation campaign map

A map visualizing the Atlantic Council’s DFRLab research on coordinated disinformation campaigns.

Disinformation Lab at Shorenstein Center

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Data & Society Disinformation Action Lab

The Disinformation Action Lab (DAL) at Data & Society forges new approaches to address the complex dynamics underpinning the spread of propaganda and disinformation. Last publication December 2020.

Digital democracy: analysis of the disinformation ecosystems on Telegram during the 2022 Brazilian electoral process

Understand the role of the Telegram app in the dissemination of disinformation among Brazilian far-right groups and Analyse (online) radicalization process and (offline) political violence against democratic institutions, especially the Brazilian presidential election in October 2022

UNESCO Audio resources to counter disinformation

To contribute to countering disinformation on COVID-19 and promoting healthy behaviours, UNESCO has produced a series of audio messages that can be freely used by radio stations from around the world.

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