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A tool for building and evolving governance in online communities.

Policy Lab

P-lab es una firma evolutiva, adáptativa, creativa e innovadora, para el diseño y prototipo de soluciones para generación y aprovechamiento de valor público

Policy Tracker

Tracks progress on all of the government’s manifesto promises, includes explainers and ways to get more involved.

Policy Insights

PolicyInsights gives you a simple and intuitive national platform to engage with your governments to understand the services provided and their outcomes as well as to benchmark their performance against other similar cities, counties or states.

Justice and Equity in Technology Policy course

This Coursera course aims to help learners understand how inequity and injustice can become embedded in technology, science, and associated policies, and how this can be addressed.

Participatory Policymaking

Through participatory policymaking, residents propose, debate, and vote on new policies and policy changes, through online platforms and meetings. is a Mastodon instance for the EU policy bubble. Its aim is to provide a friendly and respectful discussion space for people working in the field of EU policy and to contribute to the health, diversity and growth of the fediverse.

Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS

Providus has been Latvia’s leading public policy think tank since 2002. Our mission is to promote evidence-based policy and open society values.

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