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Code for Anchorage
Anchorage, Alaska, United States of America

We're a brigade of Code for America, which means that we're a volunteer group of coders who like to work on software projects for the good of our community.

This is a sampling of some of the work we've done. We're always looking for new project ideas.

We worked with the Muni to put the People Mover bus data into Google Maps which you can use in People Mover Trip Planner or by using the bus icon in Google Maps. The data is also used by Bing and Moovit.
The Dog Name Game uses dog registration data in Anchorage.
Find Yourself in Kincaid Park is an app by Brigade member, Mike Brook, that uses Code for Anchorage Trail data from the Muni, DNR and Single Track Advocates.
Click that Hood is a web game for learning neighborhoods and geography. Brigade members have added data for the following: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Indigenous Peoples and Languages of Alaska, Alaska Iditarod Trail (Even Years), Canada (Provinces) Start here to build confidence (only 10.)
Dipnet\_App! tracks the Kenai sockeye run to find the perfect time to go dipnetting!
100 years of Anchorage Muni Property by Decade Built
Elective, a place where the public can propose and find classes at the Anchorage Public Library
Text messaging services
1-907-312-2080 gives a listing of our various services.
Text about to 1-907-312-2060 for realtime bus times. Web version, Demo video.
Text your account number to 907-312-1148 to check your SNAP (Alaska Quest Card, Food Stamp) Balance. Web version, Spanish web version.
907-312-2014 for reminders to Plug at 20º before a cold night in your zip code.
Text ‘Hello' to 1-907-312-2300 SNAP Public Assistance Pre-Screener to see if you or your family qualify for public assistance. Demo video.
907-312-2700 A free service that will send you a text message reminder the day before your court hearing.
907-312-1012 This app will send you a text when the Alaska elections results page changes.

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Founded: 2013
Last Modified: 2/20/2023
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