The Community Tech Lab is a hands-on tech and digital equity learning space located at El Puente’s flagship Leadership Center in South Williamsburg.

The first of its kind in NYC, the Lab launched in January 2023 through a partnership between CTNY and El Puente and in collaboration with the communities it serves.

El Puente is a community-based arts and social justice organization based in Brooklyn, creating more opportunities and pathways for its residents — particularly underrepresented people of color — in tech workforce development as well as in collective organizing and leadership.

With access to computers and internet, adults and youth are invited to learn technical and problem-solving skills from basic digital literacy to advanced wireless networking skills to advocacy for local issues including digital justice, environmental justice, and arts and culture. The Community Tech Lab is also equipped with the Portable Network Kit (PNK) and hosts the Digital Stewardship program. The Lab is built upon the principles of digital justice and community technology – teaching and learning about technology with the goal of building and supporting healthy relationships and neighborhoods.

The Community Tech Lab is made possible with support from The New York Community Trust.

Status: Active
Founded: 2023
Parent Organization: Community Tech NY
Last Modified: 5/14/2024
Added on: 5/14/2024

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