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Platformă de monitorizare a activității politicienilor aleși

"DeFacto is a local watchdog organization in Moldova that began monitoring presidential campaign promises in 2017, and by 2019 had expanded its efforts to include monitoring MP campaign promises and performance. DeFacto was motivated to begin monitoring campaign promises and MP actions after observing a lack of MP accountability toward fulfilling their campaign promises. DeFacto also identified limited citizen knowledge of MP promises and achievements and a lack of awareness of MP roles and responsibilities.59 Its objectives were thus to:

  • Improve Member of Parliament (MP) accountability to citizens, through fulfilling campaign promises, solving major voter issues, and making the widest possible use of the MP powers provided by law; and
  • Increase citizen awareness of the responsibilities of MPs and demonstrate how responsive and open the MPs are to citizens in order to help voters make more informed decisions. DeFacto began monitoring MPs’ campaign promises and performance as a means to promote greater accountability and transparency, improve MP performance, and generate greater public trust in parliament. DeFacto monitors MP performance related to the three primary functions of MP legal authorities, as provided for in the constitution: 1) actions during parliamentary procedures, 2) intervening between the administration and citizens, and 3) listening to and gathering information from citizens on the issues that matter to them." - NDI Political Process Monitoring case study

Status: Active
Last Modified: 2/27/2024
Added on: 1/29/2024

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