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Technologies that seek to provide greater visibility to the activities of governments, corporations, or individuals in power and allow others to monitor them.

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PromiseTracker (Code for Africa)

Promise Tracker is a tool designed to help journalists and civil society watchdogs track campaign/promises/pledges by government officials

Panama Papers

The Panama Papers is an unprecedented investigation that reveals the offshore links of some of the globe’s most prominent figures.


Securely share information with Africa's finest journalists BLOW THE WHISTLE


An interactive map to show the billions worth of properties that went from state-owned to privately owned in recent years, together with K Monitor

Open Gov Week

This year, we want to do a bit more. In addition to events, we’re collecting and sharing how the open government movement – even in challenging times – is aligned and how our stories can be a bright spot for the world.

Spotlight on Corruption

Spotlight on Corruption works to end corruption within the UK and wherever the UK has influence · We track how the UK enforces its anti-corruption laws

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