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Ford's Public Interest Technology campaign
320 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017, USA

Technology at work for the public

Technology is transforming every area of our lives. But as it opens new avenues and shows us fresh possibilities, tech can also deepen existing inequalities. We believe in harnessing technology to serve justice and the public interest—and we see a wealth of opportunities to do so.

That's why the Ford Foundation is working with a community of partners to develop a path for people to use their technology skills to change the world for the better: the professional field of public interest technology. Public interest technology is just what it sounds like—technology used to serve the public good. That can mean working to ensure that as the US census goes online for the first time, it is accessible and accurate. It can mean researching the negative side effects of using artificial intelligence in our criminal justice system, or even developing technical standards that emphasize privacy and free expression.

Organization Type: Non-profit, charity, or foundation
Status: Active
Founded: 2017
Parent Organization: Ford Foundation
Last Modified: 10/29/2023
Added on: 6/22/2021

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