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g0vhk 受台灣「零時政府」(的理念啟發。目的是透過技術解決社會問題,以項目形式推動社會進步。以開放數據為例,透過開放源碼程式編寫 (Open Source Program) 或群眾外包 (Crowd Sourcing) ,令不同範疇的數據透明化,解決資訊不流通問題,以擴大公民的知情權。

Translation: G0vhk is inspired by the concept of Taiwan's "zero hour government" ( The aim is to solve social problems through technology and promote social progress in the form of projects. Take open data as an example, through Open Source Program or Crowd Sourcing, to make data in different areas transparent and solve the problem of non-circulation of information to expand citizens' right to know.

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