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GetVolunteering enables you to triage volunteers into clinical and non-clinical roles to support the fight against COVID-19.

Current functionality includes:

Applying for volunteer roles Pooling of volunteers Instant matching of People-in-Need with volunteers Completing volunteer action/feedback logs Identifying Safeguarding/Risk issues Alerting management to mental health and other challenges Accessing real-time data to strategically plan resourcing for care & support services Inviting individuals or groups to virtual or physical events Making individuals aware of new training opportunities or local services Reporting on KPIs, including individual and team progress Ability to import existing volunteer data Planned enhancements of the solution include the Volunteer Passport, auto-validation using AI tools, buddy peer-to-peer support, instant messaging campaigns to retain & develop the volunteering community, Incentive Management including time banking.

Status: Active
Parent Organization: Novoville
Last Modified: 3/30/2023
Added on: 3/29/2023

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