Spotlighting Illegal Transfers to Curb Corruption

Africa loses as much as $60 billion each year in illegal movements of money or capital from the continent. Nigeria loses about $18 billion annually to illicit financial flows which accounts for about 30 per cent of Africa’s loss. The Illicit Financial Flows Evidence (IFFE) supports rigorous research to generate actionable and context-specific data-driven evidence intended to aid practitioners in designing and implementing more effective policies to combat illicit financial flows. The research program shines a light and unmasks the shadows behind illegal financial transfers within and across borders using data to generate evidence and support practitioners to implement better outcomes that curb illicit financial flows. This approach is instrumental in assisting governments to strengthen systems that detect and deter illegal transactions and transfers.

Status: Active
Parent Organization: TransparencIT
Last Modified: 4/6/2024
Added on: 4/5/2024

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