Texting large volumes of potential voters is possible while remaining compliant with TCPA rules thanks to new technology.

Created by Hillary for America, now operated by the DNC

Hillary Clinton's campaign is using a homegrown software program called Megaphone that allows campaign workers and volunteers to legally send out large volumes of individualized messages to potential voters.

The Megaphone software was built in response to Bernie Sanders' campaign using an app called Hustle to send out large volumes of text messaging conversations. Here's a rough idea of how both Hustle and Megaphone work, according to ZDNet:

Volunteers connect to the app via their smartphone and receive a series of contacts along with scripted templates
Each individual contact appears to the volunteer as an outgoing text message based on an automated template
The volunteer simply hits send over and over until the end of their session (typically about 200 text messages)
The volunteer can respond to replies sent by recipients using automated templates or place a person on a Do Not Contact list throughout the campaign's database if a recipient asks to opt out of receiving future texts.

Status: Inactive
Founded: 2016
Last Modified: 5/28/2023
Added on: 6/22/2021

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