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Email is still the main driver of key actions, from petitions to fundraising to volunteer signups. This section includes tools for sending email campaigns that promote civic action.

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The All-In-One platform for citizen-centric campaigns


Trusted by campaigns of every size, NGP VAN's award-winning websites and industry-leading organizing, fundraising, compliance, and digital tools have elected thousands of Democrats to local, state, and federal office. Nearly every Democrat running for office is powered by NGP VAN. 

Salsa Labs

Salsa Labs is a technology company that creates powerful donor management, online fundraising, and online advocacy tools for nonprofits helping them Engage and Change the World.

Yet Another Mail Merge

One of many services that makes it easier to message people individually through your existing Gmail account


EveryAction offers a best-in-class Digital, Fundraising and Organizing SaaS products, with a unified customer relationship management (CRM) platform that is able to effectively serve large and small nonprofits, as well as campaigns through its NGP VAN brand.

Blue Utopia

Software and data to help you fundraise, communicate, organize and optimize your campaign.

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