We aim to strengthen instruments for mobile EU citizens and expats to engage in EU political life on an everyday basis

The project targets mobile EU citizens and expats, helping to address the systemic underrepresentation of their views and low levels of democratic participation at national and EU levels.

Project supports and proactively encourages democratic participation of ✔️ Mobile citizens, i.e. EU nationals residing in another European country, ✔️ Under-represented groups, including young and senior European expats, ✔️ EU level policymakers. Our practical solution will be implemented through the Partner’s network in communities of our focus: Latvian expats abroad, Swedish expats abroad, expat communities living in Brussels. This bottom-up approach will ensure wide geographical coverage of member states and bring high value for further EU level engagement.

Status: Active
Founded: 2022
Parent Organization: Open2Vote (ParVaiPret.lv)
Last Modified: 12/7/2023
Added on: 12/7/2023

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