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Newspeak House Residency
Newspeak House, Bethnal Green Road, London, UK

At the heart of Newspeak House is its residential programme, running since 2015. Seven residents spend a year immersed in these communities, enjoying the chance to meet thousands of people and attend events held on their doorstep.

The programme is designed to support mid-career technologists gain a holistic understanding of the civic landscape in the UK, in order to found groundbreaking new projects or seek strategic positions in key institutions. It’s ideal for people who have been working professionally for several years and are now looking to grow their network and spend time reflecting deeply on how they can best have impact on the world.

Residents will have the opportunity to:

Be immersed in a wide variety of emerging civic communities of practice Engage with expert practitioners working in senior positions across UK institutions Develop strong relationships with a close cohort of peers while living together in centrally located college accommodation Work on your own projects with the guidance and mentorship of our faculty A principal benefit of residency is the opportunity to engage with the collegiate environment and take an active interest in activities happening on campus. We prioritise applicants who are excited about connecting with and contributing to the work of other residents, fellows, members, organisers, and the growing communities working on political technology.

Residents should plan to spend at least sixteen hours a week focused on the course itself. This will be a mix of seminars, pair work, self-study, and attending events. Course content is re-written each year to reflect the dynamic nature of the field and the needs of the particular cohort, but broadly the first half of the year is focused on group exercises and getting an overview of the field, and the second half on developing your individual projects. Upon completing the course, you will be invited to join the Newspeak House fellowship the start of a lifelong relationship with the institution and its networks.

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