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Outbreak Science Rapid PREreview
Portland, OR

A platform for the rapid review of outbreak-related preprints

Outbreak Science Rapid PREreview (OS_r_PRE, ), is an open-source and free platform for the crowdsourcing of reviews of outbreak-related preprints, enabling experts from the research community to add a quality filter to the flood of posted preprints.

On the website, or via the Chrome or Firefox extension, researchers with ORCID iDs can either request feedback from the community or provide feedback on any given preprint published across preprint servers. The feedback is done in the form of rapid reviews, open and structured high-level reviews designed to capture the importance and quality of the research. Rapid reviews by different reviewers are aggregated and visualized on the website.

OSrPRE is a neew open project initially funded by the Wellcome Trust and run in collaboration between the non-profit organization Outbreak Science () and the open project PREreview (). Funding is administered by PREreview's fiscal sponsor organization Code for Science & Society.

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