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Kampala, Uganda

Re-designing Service Delivery

Data and the ability to act upon data are critical to the development of a country. Any planning, allocation and implementation requires data to effectively run/iterate programs, draw investments and adequately measure progress towards socio-economic goals.

A majority of countries in Africa lack this information at all levels required for data-driven decision making due to a lack of data use culture as well as inadequate funding, resources and analytical capacity, with basic data building blocks such as birth, death, growth etc. missing.

By thinking of government as a business, citizens as customers and data as business intelligence, we have the potential to re-design how governments and citizens interact with one another and how informational flows. As access to basic technology mushrooms, there is no better time to re-invent ourselves.

Organization Type: Non-profit, charity, or foundation
Status: Active
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Last Modified: 7/25/2023
Added on: 6/22/2021

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