Graphic representing Techies 4 Reproductive Justice (T4RJ)

Techies 4 Reproductive Justice (T4RJ)

A hub of technologists dedicated to building technology for Reproductive Justice

What is Reproductive Justice?

the right to have children the right not to have children the right to raise those children in a safe and healthy environment the right to express your gender and sexuality

Techies for Reproductive Justice is a coalition space for abortion-minded technologists to convene to build connection, trust, tech literacy, and capacity within the abortion access movement and across values-aligned movements. We envision this cohort of technologists grounded in Reproductive Justice combatting the problems of burnout, isolation, and scarcity so that a community of tech-capable, values-aligned people can be ready to support abortion funds, practical support orgs, advocacy orgs, and anybody on the front-lines holding the line for bodily autonomy.

Status: Active
Parent Organization: Digital Defense Fund
Last Modified: 2023-10-15 00:00:00

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