The Startups Driving Europe's GovTech Revolution

Report by Public on the 150 GovTech startups that "will be at the heart of" Europe's GovTech revolution.

In this report, we feature the cities that
are at the forefront of Europe's GovTech
revolution, and showcase the startups and
scaleups that are driving this change.

In selecting these companies, we have been
deliberately stage-agnostic, with some having
gone through multiple growth funding rounds,
and others much earlier on in their journey.
Our assessment of the potential of a GovTech
startup is based on the technology, the idea, the
founding team, and the public sector opportunity.
Similarly, not all of the companies featured
have actually engaged with government.

Instead, our aim is to showcase companies that
have the potential to transform how public
services are delivered, and to highlight this
opportunity to governments across Europe.

On the following page, we present the
continent's top 10 GovTech startups. These
companies, operating in a number of different
public sector verticals, show how powerful
tech startups in this sector can be.

Europe is set for a GovTech revolution,
and the 150 startups featured in this
report will be at the heart of it.

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