Help make climate change visible in public spaces with design, data and stickers.

This project is a simple, participatory effort meant to empower you to make the stakes of climate change clear and visible to people. You'll receive biodegradable stickers to place in public spaces that will be permanently underwater with an increase of 2°C (3.7°F) in our climate. Even the Trump administration predicts that without action, we will see 4°C of climate change by the end of this century. Two degrees Celsius is the limit climate scientists have urged us to focus on achieving in our public policy. The truth is, this is a target that is achievable but requires immediate and decisive action to achieve or we will suffer catastrophic environmental consequences. Without action, we could see this level of sea rise by the end of the century Though it can feel overwhelming, we can't ignore the threat that we face. Don't let others ignore it either. Join the project and make the threat of climate change visible in your community.

Status: Active
Last Modified: 10/4/2023
Added on: 6/22/2021

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