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Art can help you to navigate a particular problem, reflect, analyze and find inspiration. This category presents some artistic examples, exhibits and creative works that show how technology could be used to promote change.

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eআরকি (Earki)

The most popular entertaining gag site in Bangladesh

Prague Civil Society Centre

We empower changemakers with the knowledge, skills and resources to hold power to account.

Freedom Grams

A cannabis brand that comes in the exact amounts for which others are still in prison




A campaign to create hack algorithmic music discovery algorithms to promote an anti-Nazi message and pressure audio platforms to stop hosting Nazi content

Critical Infrastructure Lab

the critical infrastructure lab aims to create space to co-develop alternative infrastructural futures that center people and planet over profit and capital.

Bitlab Barcelona

Bitlab Barcelona

Barcelona Spain

Dissenyem, coordinem i implementem projectes d’innovació al territori i amb retorn social.



New York City, NY, USA

At, Conductor turns the New York subway system into an interactive string instrument.

Legislative Theater

In legislative theater, communities, advocates and policymakers work together, to identify, develop, and build support for new legislation.

The Wildcard Workbook

The Wildcard Workbook

New York City, NY, USA

The Wildcard Workbook: A Practical Guide for Jokering Forum Theatre is a resource for facilitators of all kinds looking for new ways to bring fun, creativity, and critical thinking into their work!

The Sounds of CDMX

The Sounds of CDMX

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

This is an audio/visual story exploring the sounds of Mexico City’s streets.

Monument Lab

Monument Lab


Monument Lab is a nonprofit public art and history studio based in Philadelphia. We cultivate and facilitate critical conversations around the past, present, and future of monuments.

The Empower Rangers

The Empower Rangers

Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

The Empower Rangers es una creación animada pensada y ejecutada por RedesAyuda y el primero, de un grupo de ellos, es el Empower Ranger Azul.

What the Future Wants

What the Future Wants is an interactive youth focused exhibition that presents different perspectives on technology from the personal, to the political, to the planetary.

White Collar Crime Risk Zones

White Collar Crime Risk Zones uses machine learning to predict where financial crimes are mostly likely to occur across the US. To learn about our methodology, read our white paper.


Documenting the use of defensive urban design in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

A Field Guide to the Dark Ecologies of Newtown Creek

A Field Guide to the Dark Ecologies of Newtown Creek is designed in phases that we are developing over time.

Alt Text as Poetry

An artistic project to bring poetic composition to accessible alt text on the web

AI and the Cognitive Trap

AI in the Trap, a collaborative art project that explores the future of artificial intelligence and predictive policing through a hip-hop lens.

Using synthetic media to make satirical videos spreading awareness about climate change

A Legislative Theater for 25 Years of Cross-Sector Cooperation

A booklet documenting the use of legislative theater by Smes, a Belgian civil society organization focused on mental health and social inclusion.

The Glass Room

The Glass Room

SoHo, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

a three week pop up program inducing over 30 commissioned artworks, and a jam packed program of guest speakers.

Beautiful Trouble

Beautiful Trouble exists to make nonviolent revolution irresistible by providing an ever-growing suite of strategic tools and trainings that inspire movements for a more just, healthy, and equitable world.

Data Murals

Data Murals

MIT Media Lab

After finding a strong lack of artistic examples of data presentation, we decided to make some Data Murals of our own!

Pollution Explorers

Wearable technology to map subjective perception of air quality. Pollution Explorers is a participatory project exploring air quality issues through people’s subjective perception and wearable technology.

Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project is a data-visualization, data analysis, and storytelling collective documenting dispossession and resistance upon gentrifying landscapes.

Center For Political Beauty

An assault team that establishes moral beauty, political poetry and human greatness while aiming to preserve humanitarianism.

Data Zetu Intiaitive

Data Zetu Intiaitive

Tanzania, United Republic of

Data Zetu (“Our Data” in Swahili) aims to empower communities to make better, more evidence-based decisions to improve their lives.

Doxbox Trustbot

The portable unit interviews users about the apps, services and digital providers they interact with, reveals what these providers know about their users, then tells the user stories about what the effects of this may be and provides recommendations regarding their level of trustworthiness, relating to the individual themselves and to other people who may be more or less impacted by the same use or misuse of the data that accumulates around their digital life.

Transfer Gallery

The gallery was founded in Brooklyn in 2013 to support artists making computer-based artworks, by installing solo exhibitions of experimental media art.

Conversations with Bina

A quest for friendship with a humanoid robot turned into a rabbit-hole of questions and an examination of the codification of social, cultural and future histories at the intersection of technology, race, gender and social equity.

Data Lanterns

Data Lanterns

MIT Media Lab

illuminating local water quality through data performances for collective action

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