Civic Tech for Thailand’s Democracy has been established by the collaboration of technology, media, and civil society firms in order to create a ‘data-storytelling media.'

New inviting and interactive ways, namely data visualization, interactive web-based content, and gamification get adopted as the project's tools to approach the digital generation. The main goal is to provide necessary and useful information, along with encouraging data-driven discussion and accurate information sharing about political and democratic ideas among Thai citizens. The intention to promote the concept of ‘active citizen' is also a part of the project's objective.

After the election period, the project ELECT is planned to continue for strengthening democratic ideas and values, while promoting the concept of active citizen. The project possibly covers extended topics – social issues, disinformation or human rights – with the shared purpose: to promote the right of the people freely to determine their own destiny. The project's long-term goal is to be Thailand's political database as well as a regional community supporting shared ideas and know-how for the press and organizations which stand for democracy.

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