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Civic Voices

With the Civic Voice, you have the power to access, follow through and contribute to bills that matter most to you.

Dark Data Project

Helping organizations uncover, deobfuscate, semantify and analyze problematic datasets


Volunteer part-time, full async and remote to contribute to Preptrack, the app that supports PrEP users. PrEP is a medicine that eliminates the risk of HIV when taken correctly.


WeVis is a civic technology aiming to empower people to reclaim an active role in political life through technology and open data. We curate, analyze and visualize any relevant data to make democracy more open and more transparent, encouraging people to express their opinions and make better decisions.


CiviCue is a democratic media equipped with blockchain voting and friendly voter authentication to establish shared understanding.


Urbanpinion is a citizen engagement platform that lets city government, community leaders, architects and activists easily set up a landing with an interactive map to collect citizens suggestions, receive analytics based on collected data and make later on right decisions for city development.

Prosocial Design Network

A library of design interventions to encourage prosocial behaviors online

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