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This page curates everything from open government data to visualization tools to data standards to algorithmic implementation. The only common thread is that all these data and data products share a commitment to civic interests.

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Custodianship in the Urban Commons

BARI has worked closely with the Mayor’s Office of New urban Mechanics and the 311 system examine how Bostonians contribute to the maintenance of the public spaces and infrastructure of neighborhoods—that is, custodianship in the urban commons.

“Seeing” Neighborhoods through “Big” Data

Modern administrative data—from 311 and 911 calls to building permit applications to Tweets—offer a detailed view of events and conditions across the city.


GovInfo is free U.S. Government information for all. GovInfo is a service of the United States Government Publishing Office (GPO), which is a Federal agency in the legislative branch.

Data Commons

Data Commons aggregates data from a wide range of sources into a unified database to make it more accessible and useful. More

Iffy Index of Unreliable Sources

An index of news sites rated by their credibility scores

Data Activism program for Cambridge Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program

six-week Data Activism curriculum to equip students with critical-thinking skills so they feel prepared to utilize data science to challenge social injustice and empower their community

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