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At the heart of CharityBase is the most comprehensive source of public data on charities in the UK.

What is CharityBase?

CharityBase is a database, API and web app which provides public information on the activities, locations and finances of the 168,000 charities registered in England and Wales. It's free and open source!

The Charity Commission for England and Wales have four online services for accessing their data but none of them are comprehensive: original website, beta website, file downloads & SOAP API.

CharityBase is an unofficial project to clean up, aggregate and supplement the data they publish and make it accessible to every kind of user.

Who uses CharityBase?

Developers and service designers use the API to help build services for and about charities.

Researchers at universities and non-profits use the raw data to analyse the charity sector.

Donors, grantmakers and philanthropists use the web platform to look up charities and carry out due diligence.

Can I Download the Data?

Yes, you can download the entire results from any query to CSV or JSON.

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Last Modified: 1/11/2024
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