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Tech and meta-organizations that support the mission of non-profits and charities. Includes mainstream productivity software (like LibreOffice) as well as non-profit-specific tech (like donation management software).

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Technology Innovation Awards

Does your nonprofit have a technology related project idea that will advance your mission?

TechImpact (formerly NPower)

We’re a nonprofit leveraging technology to advance social impact.

TechSoup Digital Assessment Tool for Nonprofit Organizations

The Digital Assessment Tool (DAT) is a free web-based application that helps nonprofit organizations assess their technology needs and understand their digital capabilities. It provides customized recommendations and tools to manage the digital transformation journey.


Volunteer part-time, full async and remote to contribute to Preptrack, the app that supports PrEP users. PrEP is a medicine that eliminates the risk of HIV when taken correctly.


Parent brand of EveryAction, NGPVAN, Network for Good, and more


Instil holistically manages donors, members, volunteers, advocates and beneficiaries to foster nonprofit connections with their community for maximum impact.

La Sobremesa

Supporting civil society organizations in Latin America


Eligibee is a free nonprofit tool that helps you find and apply for government assistance, making it easier to get the food, healthcare, and income supports you need today.

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