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Tech and meta-organizations that support the mission of non-profits and charities. Includes mainstream productivity software (like LibreOffice) as well as non-profit-specific tech (like donation management software).

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The Change Network is a self-paced, 12-month online program that provides structure, tools, coaching, and community to accelerate your goals toward becoming more equitable and inclusive.


The data analytics platform for impact-driven organizations.

Unity for Nonprofits Offer

Get real-time 3D content creation software for your nonprofit or public library through Unity for Nonprofits at TechSoup.

Data for Good Fund

​​The Data for Good Fund, a single-entity fund, was established in partnership with the Tides Foundation. With donations from mission-aligned donors, the Data for Good Fund will allow nonprofits to leverage UpMetrics tools and services at no cost for 1-2 years.

Technology Innovation Awards

Does your nonprofit have a technology related project idea that will advance your mission?

TechSoup Digital Assessment Tool for Nonprofit Organizations

The Digital Assessment Tool (DAT) is a free web-based application that helps nonprofit organizations assess their technology needs and understand their digital capabilities. It provides customized recommendations and tools to manage the digital transformation journey.


Volunteer part-time, full async and remote to contribute to Preptrack, the app that supports PrEP users. PrEP is a medicine that eliminates the risk of HIV when taken correctly.

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