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A directory of catalogs, collections, and galleries of resources aimed at strengthening the civic tech ecosystem (like the Civic Tech Field Guide itself).

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Awesome Civic Tech (in Mexico)

This site contains a list created by the Codeando México community and curated by different volunteers with knowledge of civic technology projects in Mexico.

The ComProp Navigator

This is an online resource guide for civil society groups looking to better deal with the problem of disinformation.

AI for Sustainable Development Goals (AI4SDGs) Think Tank

A global collection of AI projects and proposals that impacts UN Sustainable Development Goals, both positively and negatively.

The Digital Security Community Directory of security and safety resources available in various Southeast Asian languages

Github's Open journalism Collection

See how publications and data-driven journalists use open source to power their newsroom and ensure information is reported fairly and accurately.


Теплица Социальных Технологий— это 5000+ полезных практических статей, чек-листов и видеоуроков, которые восполнят пробелы в знаниях и расширят набор инструментов для решения повседневных задач

Human Rights Connected Activist Toolkit

A catalog of over 500 resources filterable by language, type of support, and resource type

Airtable of JournalismAI Case Studies

Airtable of JournalismAI Case Studies

Houghton Street London WC2A 2AE

In the database, we collect the best case studies we come across, to ensure that everyone in our global network can learn from and be inspired by these creative applications of AI in journalism

Public Interest AI world map

Public Interest AI world map

Humboldt-Institut Berlin, Invalidenstraße, Berlin, Germany

This interactive global map of Public Interest AI projects aims to help foster research on Public Interest AI projects, demonstrate their self-understanding, and provide publicly accessible data about them to the broader public.

DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

The Catalog of Digital Solutions is an interactive online tool providing data and resources for donors, governments, procurers, and implementers to support their digital initiatives.

Civic Tech Field Guide

The Civic Tech Field Guide is the world’s largest collection of projects using tech for the common good.

Arena Toolbox

Discover toolkits, tutorials, and templates for building winning campaigns.

Digital Worker Inquiry Project Gallery

A collection of tools designed to support gig economy workers



South America

A collection of tactics, cases, and guides to using information for activism

El Centro de Transferencia de Tecnología

El Centro de Transferencia de Tecnología publica un directorio general de aplicaciones o/y soluciones cuyo objetivo es favorecer la reutilización de soluciones por todas las Administraciones Públicas en España.

NYC Open Data Project Gallery

NYC Open Data Project Gallery

New York City, NY, USA

On the Open Data Project Gallery, you can find examples of open data in action and gain inspiration for projects of your own. See how NYC Open Data is used by activists to advocate for change, by entrepreneurs to develop products, by teachers to build analytics skills in the classroom, by government agencies to make data more accessible, and much more.

Demtech Navigator

Demtech Navigator

University of Oxford, 1 St Giles', Oxford OX1 3JS, UK

This is an online resource guide for civil society groups looking to better deal with the problem of disinformation. Let us know your concerns and we will suggest resources, curated by civil society practitioners and the Programme on Democracy and Technology.

People Powered

People Powered is a global hub for participatory democracy - the direct participation of community members in making the policy decisions that affect their lives.

Berlin Open Source

This page provides an overview of open source projects that are developed, commissioned or funded by public administrations in the state of Berlin. With this offer, we want to improve the transparency of the public IT landscape and invite the digital community in Berlin and beyond to work collaboratively on the development of good software for our city. Diese Seite bietet einen Überblick über Open Source-Projekte, die von öffentlichen Verwaltungen im Land Berlin entwickelt, beauftragt oder gefördert werden. Mit diesem Angebot möchten wir die Transparenz der öffentlichen IT-Landschaft verbessern und die Digital-Community in Berlin und darüber hinaus einladen, kollaborativ an der Entwicklung guter Software für unsere Stadt zu arbeiten.

Just One Giant Lab

Just One Giant Lab

Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI) - 8 bis rue Charles V, 75004, Paris

Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) is the first research and innovation laboratory operating as a distributed, open and massive mobilisation platform for collaborative task solving.

Where in the World is AI? Responsible & Unethical AI Examples

Everyone is talking about AI, but how and where is it actually being used? We've mapped out interesting examples where AI has been harmful and where it's been helpful.

100 Climate Policy Breakthroughs

Apolitical's list of climate policy breakthroughs by governments around the world

PubinTech Project Map

Visualize the public-interest ecosystem of the private, public, academic and independent players that are directly (or indirectly!) collaborating on key public problems.

An Airtable with thousands of climate tech products, services, capital sources, and networks

Digital Public Goods Alliance Registry

A collection of open source digital public goods sorted by Sustainable Development Goals

2019 Digital Tools for Trade Unions Report

This report is a result of our scanning of digital tools that we believe can boost union outreach to members, particularly young members.

AI Resources

AI Resources

2 rue André Pascal, 75775 Paris CEDEX 16, France

An evolving directory of tools and resources that OPSI believes may be useful for civil servants interested in the use of AI in government

ActLocal Organization Directory

Find organizations, chapters, and groups that are leading the progressive movement.

Civic Design Library

The Civic Design Library is a crowdsourced data set of civic design resources created by global practitioners working at the intersection of design and the public sector.

Washington, DC is a university platform to help students and faculty find the best ways to make a positive difference in their communities. The website gives detailed information about projects that have come out of PIT classes, as well as reading lists for those interested in teaching such courses.


Govbase is an open, crowdsourced database of projects and tools in online governance.

Toolkit Navigator

The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation's compendium of toolkits for public sector innovation and transformation, curated by OPSI and our partners around the world




cases of democratic technology in Latin America from eighteen countries in a twenty-six year period (1990-2016)

Catalogue of all projects working to solve Misinformation and Disinformation

This article is my attempt to create and maintain a comprehensive list of projects attempting to address the misinformation and disinformation problem in a scalable, systemic fashion. Efforts which…

Washington, DC

Sharing America's Code. Unlock the tremendous potential of the Federal Government’s software

The Internet of Ownership

The Internet of Ownership is a resource for the emerging online democratic economy.

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