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Civic Voices

With the Civic Voice, you have the power to access, follow through and contribute to bills that matter most to you.

Civic Voices began in June 2022. We are digitizing public participation in Kenya through a mobile application, to optimize reach, broaden engagement and maximize inclusion. Meaningful public participation has been a challenge to achieve because of information flow limitation, strained inclusion and limited means to actually engage in the process. As a result, common Kenyans feel left out, policies and laws made fail to speak to the needs of the people and the quality of their outcomes remain limited. This creates serious imbalances and leaves most common Kenyans aggrieved. At Civic Voices, we believe that every voice counts, and every individual, everywhere, must have the power to influence decisions that affect their lives. We need support to increase our capacity in serving more people across the different counties in Kenya.

Status: Active
Claimed Status: Claimed
Founded: 2022
Open Source: No
Last Modified: 2023-10-04 00:00:00

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